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Someone Else

June 8, 2009
By potterlight PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
potterlight PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
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I have some bad news
I never thought that this would come out like this
I always thought that I could keep it a secret
But my guilt has made me weak
I have to speak
I don’t know how else to say this
I know that after all we’ve been through
That after all the heartaches I’ve endured
After all of our bliss
After our kiss
I dismissed you
I have now caused you the pain that once was inflicted on me
It is not fair
It is very selfish indeed
That I used more than one person to sastify my needs
That I took advantage of your heart
I am no better than he
And now I have shown that I can be
Just as bad as he
That I can hurt someone with no remorse
However that guilt still surfaces
I am sorry
So sorry
I know nothing I say can ever take back what I’ve done
My slate is forever tarnished
I have left you bleeding on the ground
I have destroyed your heart by doing this
Karma will come back once again for me I am sure
But for now I tell you the truth:
Remember that night when I met that guy?
He smiled at me and said “Hi.”
We met more nights after that
Before I knew it, we were serious with each other
He wanted to be with me
I said that it shall be
So I am sorry to tell you this
But there is someone else

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