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The Girl and The Bear.

August 12, 2022
By AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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The frost and snow numbed her feet as she breathed the cold crisp air.

She looked around in nothing but darkness and despair.

Without her tribe

Without her homes

She cried until her tears turned ice cold


When she thought all hope was lost there was a bear that looked skinny like a dog.

As she crept up to the bear its nose was blue and its fur was covered with frost.

As the bear opens its eyes.
The girl screams and runoff.


Into the dark woods where wolves howl.
She stopped behind a tree without a sound.
She was exhausted and scared and her hands were cold.
So exhausted she lay on the cold snow
She fell asleep feeling alone

Heart cold
Eyes froze
Not even her warm red cheeks can stop the cold from going in and out of her soul

As her bronze skin turned blue

Death was creeping up her body

Her heart full of love was beating more slowly


A slap of a crisp dark stick
Then another “ crack “
But she could not move
Or make herself look at what it was
She was to relax, ready for death

It was the pulling of her body that made the girl a Glimpse of the skinny bear she saw before
The bear carried her even though its feet felt like thorns

She could feel her body being pulled but she couldn't move

Finally, the feeling of ice, sticks, and snow was gone now the feeling was rock

She thought to herself she gonna die and was prepared but a warm wrapped her up and cover her legs and body

The girl smiled as he body temperature went to normal

She slept as a baby in the crystal night

The next morning the girl woke up and looked around
to see the skinny bear laying on the ground
The little girl shook him to give thanks

But the bear's body did not wake

The girl started to cry remembering how she ran from the bear

She pried for the bear and thanked it for its help

When she opened her eyes there was a blue bear spirit above her head

The bear was big and plump and stood tall
And the girl knew it was her lost friend

The bear spirit rubbed its head on the girls

As it roared and ran around in happiness

The bear put the girl on its back and they fell out of the cave like a bat

Out of the woods, a sun shinning bright
On the girl's skin
When she saw a sight

Her tribe walking in the snowy field

Dogs playing with kids, what a great feeling it gives

The bear went to the ground behind a tree
The girl smiled and gave the bear a big hug

After and yelled papa

A man looked behind him and his sad face went bright
As he ran to his child and hugged her with all his might

And as the tribe hugged her and cry

She watched the bear and waved goodbye

The blue bear stood up and land on the ground

And momma bears cubs, she lost were finally found

As the two bear cub spirits ran to their momma

The girl yelled and cheered

“ goodbye bear have fun with your cubs,
I promise to never judge by sight but by their love “

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