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What would you do ?

May 17, 2022
By AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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What Would You Do?

 If the freshwater you take for granted was green and taste the rust 

             What would you do?

If your home was violated and trashed and treated like a junk sight 

           What would you do?

If the food you had to eat was trash because real food was being stolen. And the trash food was killing you                         


 Having to eat such a small amount of food that your stomach hurts waiting for more 


           What would you do?

 If you were taken from your home to be on display like an act in the circus never leave nor see your family again 


       What would you do?

 If you were it by a boat no apology no help, you're just left to die 

     What would you do?

If you were killed because of what you are?

     What would you do?

If the land you sleep on is shrinking and soon will be gone forcing you somewhere you don't belong 


 Will fish, marine animals, polar bears, and even people who live in poor environments have to wash up in waste and trash and drink the same thing? Having to starve for days not knowing when the next meal will come. know these feelings. Oil and junk getting dumped on animals, and trash hurting our beloved turtles. Coral reefs are dying, making hundreds of fish find new homes. I know you might care but those reefs don't just give life to fish. They are responsible for half of Earth's oxygen, the other half are trees which we cut down and destroy for our own use, not caring for our environment's outcome. We can fix this, all of us it's not so hard to recycle or plant a tree once in a while or throw your trash in a bin, not on a floor or water.

So I ask 

What will you do?

The author's comments:

the poem shows people that there are things in life we take for granted and abuse when there animals and people who are happy with the smallest things and kindest. 

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