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Below The Found

June 5, 2009
By Zach Whiteley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Zach Whiteley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Hiatus of the extraordinary sort
Now you’re here
Now your away
I don’t want to let the moments slip
Into fallen bathes
Of degraded lost
Thou we are stronger than the soldiers we march with
The syllables we speak
An effigy for our bitter hate
Our love resurrected only by Jesus Christ himself
And where is he now
I wonder
Doth hiding in chambers black as stones
A withered pebble
A thorn as brush in his strides

Thus we are alone
Separated by our strife
A yellow bee
Buzzes around our skull
A withering flower drowns under the surface
It’s petals rising to the top with the lily’s
Frilly and frivolous
content with doth lies
The bitter sides
Of my tranquil cries
Translucent hollow
Grovels and Shallows
Sugar taste
And the bitter haste
We live on

The ocean afar
The sea straying
Towards the sky
In reaction
With the pale blue earth
My boat a shepherd
To the end of the earth
to fall off
And rest below the found
Into the hidden we sink
Farther and farther
Away from the ambivalent light of tomorrow
Coerce me my friend
Into a torrent
A tempest moment
Pull the trigger
And ripped to shreds

Tell me down
Tell me down
Off my liar’s chair
My crown of thorns
Populated by the windy strays
A guilty day
It’s okay
We all have our moments of recluse

Sour girl
Won’t you leave that place
And meet me at the embankment
Far off on the shore
And pull me from the sea
I am hidden far below you see
Resting with the clams
Your hands are met with my breadth
Approaching doomed surface
And pop like balloons under the chill of the black sun

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