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Lady of the Forest

May 11, 2009
By mistanoodle369 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
mistanoodle369 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
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I wish that warmth would not have left my face
I wish those leaves were as green as they were that day
The Day I saw her face
It makes me wonder

Her eyes grabbed my consciousness
Her voiced grabbed my heart and made it her own
Her Hair made it hard to address her as a mere being
I never knew her story
She was beyond women you see at bars or pubs
She was beyond a woman of supreme magnificence
Was she a goddess?
No, could not be
She was even beyond that
It makes me wonder

My thoughts were unnoticeable and invisible
They must have lasted years
Or so it felt
Time was no longer a man made obstacle
It was not such an abstraction heard of in this place
For when I saw her nothing moved but her and the trees
Makes me wonder

She spoke,
Her voice traveled around my legs and around my waist
And then into my ears
Every word she said soon danced around me and touched my soul
I couldn’t have responded back, I was a disgraceful being, and she was the
“Definition of Beauty”
It makes me wonder

The floor below me burned
The Forest captured me
The trees hid me from her
The sky rained to cleansed me
Makes me wonder

She walked in my direction
Things became blacker and blacker
My hand reached for her but nature was embarrassed of me
She whispered in my ear these words
“Makes me wonder”

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