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When day becomes night

June 9, 2021
By Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
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When day becomes night

It gives me some fright

The urban legends of the past

Haunting us from night

Sending shivers down the spine

Always keeping me wondered

Whether to get scared or to flounder.


It is astonishing, the spooky urban legends

Always a part of our culture

Many claim it’s true while some claim it’s false.

I certainly would rather eat some tomato sauce

Then to claim it’s real or fake

But it is a huge part of my brain

That story of a corpse

Spoken by a voice that was hoarse.


Honestly, my opinion won’t matter

As it would leave many flattered

Yes, there are real stories

But why don’t we admire the beauty

Those stars, looking like loops riding across a black sky

And of course the moon, like a giant snowball floating so high.

Day to night has it’s own good, own bad

I am not the one to call the one’s calling it bad, mad,

But the day will have to become night

And these ghosts won’t get out of our mind.

The author's comments:

I am in class 8 and this poem is written by me. I love writing poems and stories.

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