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An Old Flame

May 25, 2009
By delaney95 GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
delaney95 GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
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Remembrance sharp and biting
An old deep wound, now healed
Memories you've been fighting on internal battlefields
A fire, now well hidden
A war others forgot
A heart thats now been bitten
For what have you fought?
Was it for peace of mind?
A clear conscience for better sleeping?
Thinking back to younger times
With much less wasted weeping
Or was it for victory?
For what you have not
Stealing someone elses story
Is not what you've been taught
Bitter over happy endings
Those which should be yours
Your fine with your heart mending
But you have always wanted more
Seeing them together
Listening to them speak
All about each other
Makes your breath get weak
How can they not know?
That beneath some pretty smiles
Your feelings you don't show
For what seems like quite of a while
So you know you should be good
And never interfere
You'll do what good girls should
And never shed a tear
So you turn right into stone
And sell those old feelings away
But they always come crawling back to home
Leering they they're here to stay
So you ignore them
Pretend that they're not there
Cold down to the core then
Make believe that they're not there
And just when you think you've got them down
It all comes back, so haunting
So you build burnt bridges from the ground
A task you find so daunting

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