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Left Hand of God

May 11, 2009
By mistanoodle369 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
mistanoodle369 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
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To and fro I sway
Bouncing of one ally wall onto the other
"I felt the pain run down my face"
Soaking my shirt
But yet I had nothing but a smile on my face
If only you knew what I am and what my story was
But even then you wouldn't understand
For I am that being, that symbol before the Reapers cold wind
I am that little devil on your shoulder telling to do wrong
I am the dark being sitting at the end of your bed talking to you
With my deceitful but beautiful words comforting your weak mind
I am that being that whispers in all of you soft innocent warm ear
"Do it, plunge your blade in him, after all your damn hard work
Your time with the children, the small little things you did for him, he was the one who cheated"
I'm that sick being whole told the kid to pull the trigger on they man who frustrated him
You could call me hatred itself
But I call myself love
I call myself passion
All this I see is a poem a beautiful story
But none the less
I sit in that ally corner weeping
But I feel nothing but the devils black wings holding me close and protecting me
With is cold touch
And I dine in this own little hell of mine
I bask in the question I ponder so long
And I come to my faithful conclusion
I whisper to the darkness as it smiles back to
It was worth it

The author's comments:
The right hand of God is usually associated with the Ascension and all things good. People who were left hand were often seen as evil. this is my interpretation of the left

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