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Lock up my Heart

May 8, 2009
By potterlight PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
potterlight PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
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Lock Up My Heart

He shattered my heart into a million pieces
When I asked him why, he gave no reasons
He sat there and watched as my heart stopped beating
He sat there cheesing
His smile bright, brimming and haunting
His dark cold eyes stared into my face
His laughter drowning my soul’s space
It is a miracle that I survived
That I was able to live and thrive
It is a miracle that my heart restarted
Especially after he stomped all on it
I will never forget what he has done
He has made me afraid to love
He has made me paranoid
Being with someone is something I try to avoid
However, if I ever were to be with another
They will unfortunately have to suffer
Suffer the pain that I had felt
Suffer the torture that, deep in my skin, melts
Suffer the fact that I’ll never love the same
Having them think that I am insane
All of these suitors must be on their guard
Because they’ll never know when I’ll go off
The man who mutilated my heart made me think:
“If I lock it up, I’ll never revive that pain!
The same pain that I felt that day
The same pain that made me cry
Oh at that moment I wished to die!”
So that’s what I did
I locked up my heart
Now no one can get in
Not even someone close to me
Because when I locked it
I threw away the key

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