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Locked in Love

May 6, 2009
By 2pink2btru BRONZE, Austin, Texas
2pink2btru BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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The frozen trees started to drip,
The grass became green,
The frozen ponds began to slip,
The whole world was preparing for the queen.

Flowers sprung up at her feet,
Filled with joy and pleasure,
Her voice was ever so sweet,
Her love an unmatched treasure,

Her hair was the color of midnight,
Her skin was creamy, twas true,
Her song could take wings and be in flight,
Her eyes were as bright as dew.

She swam in the rainbow,
And put stars in her hair,
She ran with the great doe,
And swept her porch clean of despair,

She had no mate,
No knight in shining armour,
She wanted no one to hold the gate,
Their gaze she’d ignore,

Then came a man,
Who made her heart soar,
His name was Stan,
He made her melt, right down to her core.

He danced among fairies,
And sang with the elves,
He picked midnight berries,
And put them on shelves.

He floated on a cloud,
He put words to waste,
But he was proud,
Afraid to put his hand on her waist,

He loved her, no lie,
He loved her lips, like a red rose,
The way she looked at the sky,
He loved her very nose.

They were both intoxicated with love,
Filled with devotion,
But when they saw each one from above,
They were filled with emotion.

Stan wished he could get up the nerve,
To ask for her, her love and cheer,
For she was quite the maiden to observe,
And he was in fear.

Soon she pretended she loved him like a brother,
Yet was careful not to reveal,
Her love for the other,
For what if he could not feel?

He was likewise paranoid,
Afraid to ask her heart,
Afraid to be enjoyed,
Afraid for love to start,

He was afraid for the friendship to end,
For what if she did not feel the same,
What if their friendship, though small, could not bend,
What if her emotions were lame?

Both were afraid to tell the other,
Of their abiding devotion,
Both afraid the tell one another,
Of their striving emotion,
And so they are locked in ever-hoping trance,
Both locked in timeless love,
Afraid to take a chance,
Afraid to feel a shove.

Both afraid to find a loss,
In admitting their hope from above,
Afraid to bear the cross,
Afraid to be away from their love.

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