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For Every Addicted Rockstar

May 4, 2009
By Emily Mihailescu GOLD, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
Emily Mihailescu GOLD, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
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I feel like death is knocking on my bruised and battered door
I want nothing to do with life any more
I feel stripped naked and beaten halfway into hell
No one cares, it’s just as well
I feel like I’m in a jungle of eternal night
The blackness is overtaking me, I have no strength left to fight
When I look at my reflection, a shadow is all I can see
This is all that heroin has ever done for me
With red blistered feet , I am walking on shattered glass
The sharp pieces that make up my painful past
Heroin hit me , abused me , tore me apart
It reached its black hand into my soul and then ripped out my heart
What more do I need , I have worldwide fame
But with Rock N Roll comes drugs , I feel like a pawn in some sick demented game
I’m hanging by a brittle thread , I’m going to loose my mind
Please god , I’m a good person , gentle caring and kind
I’m on my knees begging you lord , tears streaming down my face
I want so much a clean and drug free space
I’m sick and tired of all the pain
I hate I cry so much that it looks like rain
Help me let go of the drugs that turned my life black
They took it all from me , I know it to be a fact
Thank you so much god , for taking the pain away
I’m watching my demons and keeping them at bay
I might never recover , I might never fully heal
But look how far I’ve come , know I don’t shoot up because I’m scared to death to feel
I’ve patched up the wounds , and kicked out eternal night
Now I’m trying my best to make things alright
I’ll always have scars , but they’ve made me wise
Now I don’t see the world through glassy bloodshot eyes

The author's comments:
I guess the three biggest inspirations behind this poem were Axl Rose , Steven Tyler , and Nikki Sixx , all rockstars who battled mind blowing addiction and over came it . Guys , just wanted to say , I'm really proud of you for being brave enough to get clean .

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