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3 am confessions

April 23, 2009
By brooke norman BRONZE, Mcmechen, West Virginia
brooke norman BRONZE, Mcmechen, West Virginia
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i don' t know how but i seem to be ok
even though all the memories haunt me each and everyday
i got two 'i'm sorrys' and one 'it'll be ok'
but it still hurts to know your heart didn't fall my way
my heart has opened up to see the sadest days it's ever seen
i've read alot of things but what the hell does it all mean
you seemed to have no problem saying it that day
and certainly no objections of just walking away
you had me at hello and lost me at goodbye
you broke alot of promises and perhaps so shall i
i don't want to hear
the words you have to say
you say they're so sincere
just take them all away

don't even tell me
that i was on your mind
just leave me be
i'm sure you'll be fine

i was never the only one for you
so why do i feel so bad
all the things i wanted to do
and it's still me that's sad

break this broken heart
just break it down some more
you had me from the start
and dropped me to the floor

proves you didn't care
just anohter thing
but you were never really there
and this wasn't worth the sting

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