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Words for Sale

April 9, 2009
By Avery_Rayne BRONZE, Summerfield, Florida
Avery_Rayne BRONZE, Summerfield, Florida
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Let all know the death
of words
the metal urn is rye molded
candy coated---I watch movers strain the yeast from his
eyes and mutter sumptuous things
filter the brains onto a carbonated train and send away

I know they'll go for testing at some far away institution,
and congeal meantime in a woven casket---red pulsation
hopes awaken, sunlight filters through the racked
and stops
they listen

but words don't speak. They know this
and weep; words are words, maggots on a page
stooped and incensed (caged, but look and see)
bound to a single phase (a close up entity)
walk a long way, strum a ukelele
in hopes---see---for a passage through the pearly gates.

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