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I'm Better Than You

October 17, 2018
By Bruvton DIAMOND, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bruvton DIAMOND, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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"They don't think it is what it does, but it do." ~Oscar Gamble

"I'm better than you!" you scream, you spew.
I know you're wrong, at least I think I do.
You punch, you kick, and I deflect,
Is this a trick? To the past, I reflect.

We were just friends; it came to an end.
before we were hating, we found ourselves dating.
Too young to know about true love.
We were mistaken. There was a lack thereof.

And here we are, years after that.
You call me gay, I call you fat.
Between you and me is toxicity.
We both think we're right and continue to fight.

I love the drama. I love the hate.
We tend to compete and be irate.
I love the action, it's not a bore.
My sanity's in fractions as I walk out the door.

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