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September 21, 2018
By Bruvton DIAMOND, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bruvton DIAMOND, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Favorite Quote:
"They don't think it is what it does, but it do." ~Oscar Gamble

I wouldn't take cash over knowledge.
That's why I'll go broke over college.
Knowledge fighting for space in me,
as I complete a useless degree.

Degree in creative writing; I'm homeless.
In the monarchy of writing, I'll be throneless.
Maybe I'll make it, there is a chance.
I'll buy a mansion and frolic and prance.

But before that time I'll have to pay.
I'll have to work night and day.
I wish I could do it all for free.
I wish I could freeload university.

The author's comments:

I think I'm suffering my halfway point to my midlife crisis.

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