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September 10, 2018
By PaisP SILVER, Windsor, Colorado
PaisP SILVER, Windsor, Colorado
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She swims in my thoughts

So gracefully.

She an inspiration,

As beautiful as can be.

Long brown hair

Makes her so lovely.

My dear baby,


Her name means Angel.

That’s what she’d be to me.

God would give me the gift

Of singing her harmonies.

Tiny hands clinging tightly,

Grasping to see her blessings.

Her eyes sparkle green

Just like her mommy.

She’s welcomed and happy

To feel free.

She’s a powerforce

Standing proudly.

I can see her in my dreams

Loving me.

Her tiny body

Curled carefully

In the arms

Of her necessity.

Her voice is of gold

Singing softly,

“I love you”.

Her smile comes from heaven.

She’s seen Gods glory.

She’ll learn to love him

By praying thoughtfully.

She’s a gift beyond compare,

A true majesty.

Her baby feet

Run swiftly

To start this life

Making memories.

An adventurer,

From sea to sea.

Her body moves


She’ll have struggles

But fight bravely.

Her heartbeat

Drumming soundly

Telling the world,

That she’s ready.


My angel above.

Someday I promise,

You’ll come home to me.

The author's comments:

I've wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remeber. When I have kids in the future, I want their names to be a constant reminder of their worth and what they mean to me. I recently discovered the name Angelee and I just love it. In greek it means angel or messenger of God. She would be my angel and a child of God. This poem reminds me of the future I long for and the person I want to be. 

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