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The Color Purple

April 10, 2009
By alexzisbabe SILVER, Litchfield Park,, Arizona
alexzisbabe SILVER, Litchfield Park,, Arizona
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Purple sounds like an amazing riff on a guitar.
Feels like the adrenaline rush of a scoring a goal.
Tastes like success on the Aims.
Smells like a rose called love.
Sounds like the beating of drums.
Moves like fingers on a piano while playing Mozart.
Feels like the delicacy of fine silk.
Tastes like delicious chocolate cake on a cloudy day.
Makes me want to headbang to the Killers.
Sounds like Eddie Van Halen in Hot for the Teacher
Smells like my mom’s baking.
Looks like a Gibson Les Paul in Mathew Bellamy’s hands.
Makes me want to scream and shout in a flower bed.
Feels better than first love.
Purple is the color of hope.

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