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His mystery unlocked

April 7, 2009
By LilJ<3 GOLD, Gloucester, Virginia
LilJ<3 GOLD, Gloucester, Virginia
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I have this irresistible desire to explore and unmask all your secrets,
I look at you as a whole, and gather how complicate you really are,
Maybe if I broke your mystery into sections it could reveal what I have been
searching for…

I start with the gleaming glass eyes that stare back at me,
They are a mystery of their own,
Once they catch my gaze I can’t bear to look away,
I want to know why you signal anger, sadness, happiness, confusion and
most of all, love, simultaneously.
As I continue to stare, I realize that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface to
your enigma,
So I continue my quest.

I move to your arms,
Symbols of work and accomplishment the way they are defined,
The necessary tools in order to succeed,
I picture my own hand clasped in yours never ready to let go,
A sense of comfort as you envelope me in your arms and pull me close….
Where I feel and hear the soft and rhythmic beating of your heart, something I dream
one day can be mine.
Mine to care for, look after and love fully….

Being the evanescence of my dreams, I feel as though you are so close,
But as I slowly push away from you,
I reconnect with your eyes and suddenly it hits me,
Your mystery can never be solved,
At least not by me, not right now…
I’m missing the key.

I look at you again but in a whole new light,
I realize that the only way I can unlock what I’m looking for is through an adventure,
One I have to journey alone,
I have to connect with you, stare and keep connected,
And remember we are in this together.

I know I can’t fully understand everything all at once,
But I am ready to wait,
Unmasking the true feelings we feel for each other, connect our two hearts, the key,
And open the lock to the book before us, our very own fairytale, it reads,
“Once upon a time…” finished with “…lived always by each other’s side, a happily ever after.”

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