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The Balance Of Photography (Overlooked)

March 14, 2023
By Anonymous

        Growing up, I have always loved the way things looked. I  always loved the beauty of many things, weather it be the way a book looked, the way a t-shirt looked, or the way a bench looked next to a tree. No matter what it may be, what my eyes deem to find pleasing, I would want to capture it with a camera, phone, or anything I could get my hands on. Even pictures of things like a photo of the beach or photos of well anything. I have always loved looking at beautiful things. As I began to get older, I realized I wanted to be a photographer. I want to travel the world and capture the beauty of things no matter what it may be.


      People would tell me that photography isn’t as easy as it seems to be, that becoming a photographer is not as easy as it seems to become. I would also hear that photography is not as challenging at all. So is it easy or is it hard? I mean how hard can it really be right? All you have to do it grab a camara and snap a picture… right? When it comes to any career there are always going to be challenges and things you are not good at. For those like myself who are beginners, want to start looking into photography, and or think they want to be a photographer here are the things that I have realalized, things that are overlooked.

By definition Photograpy is

                     The art or practice of taking and processing photopgraphs

         Anyone can be a photographer and a photographer can take pictures of any thing and have their own style of how they take their pictures and edit them. I scroll through photography accounts on social media and I constantly see photos of nature, homes, and models; popular things that majority of people and magazines want to see or what you would normally see regarding photography. You don't have to take pictures of what you think is populare, your photos are your photos and its what you deem to find beautiful, someone out there will find your work just as beautiful.


        You don't always need a digital camera to take pictures. I myself have taken countless photos on my phone because I didn’t have my camera with me. Sometimes photos come naturally and randomly, along the lines of being in the right place at the right time. Not every photo needs to be planned, not every sight and or trip has to be planned. There were a few times were I was sitting in the passenger seat, there was a sunset and I snapped a pictures. It wasn’t planned and it turned out to be an amazing photo. 

Being said you don't need to travel all the time and or be somewhere great,  including your own home. 

    It can be a bit challenging finding the right setting but also the right lighting and angle. The thing is it doesn’t have to be perfect either. There’s a balance, try your best and find the perfect spot, lighting, etc but not everything is going to come out the way you want it and you can end up taking a picture of something great when you least expect it.

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