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Gifts of our Muses

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

If you think being a teenager is hard, try being an author as well. Teenagers, with their busy schedules, have very little time to devote to writing. Also, teenagers are known to suffer from drastic swings of temper, making the maintenance of a clear, consistent emotional state next to impossible. However, despite these setbacks, writing can be a very soothing, therapeutic, and motivating activity.

If these words seem hard to believe, than allow these next words to cast away all doubt. Teenagers have a very busy life. First they must attend their school; that alone sets them back a good eight hours. Even when they arrive home, they must contend with homework and chores followed by dinner and a brief period in which they are to relax. This aforementioned schedule does not include after school activities, clubs, or any other thing of an extracurricular nature. Again, hardly the ideal environment to foster the creative genius required to bring an idea to life on a paper.

It has also been proven by many men and women with even more numerous degrees in psychology, that a teenager's emotional state is not as stable as an adult's. Being a writer is demanding work and readers would undoubtedly be confused if the story changed from happy to deathly depressing every other chapter. Teenagers are under a lot of stress and this makes the writing process very difficult.

However, despite these setbacks, being a teenaged writer can still be a wonderful thing. Many people underestimate the effect a simple, positive review can have on an author. Also, the actual act of writing can allow an author to spend hours in a peaceful mode of relaxation while they write. This can be very useful to a teenager.

In short, the teenage author will face many setbacks. At times it will seem like the entire world is set against him or her. They may find that they are lacking time in their busy schedule, or they could find that they cannot seem to find the writing mood. However, throughout all hardship, their spirit can and will shine through. Being a teenage author is hard, but its possible. All one needs to do is find the gifts from our Muses.

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sloopymccoy said...
on Feb. 26 2009 at 5:41 pm
sloopymccoy, Waterloo, Wisconsin
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that's great and compleatly right!