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Global Warming

October 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Way before I wanted to help Earth, I was always wasting, polluting, littering and I wasn’t recycling. Then I found out that when I was causing Global Warming. And I knew I needed to stop. I think the biggest problem in our community is Global Warming.
The first idea of Global Warming being a serious problem because half of the world’s population is littering. Littering is one of the worst things happening to earth.
It kills and threatens our forest animals to extinction and they are caused to be added to the endangered species list.

The second idea is pollution. Pollution is caused by automobiles and factories releasing steam and smoke into the air making it harder to breathe. And it also kills wild life and animals. We need air to live and if we don’t have air, we die.

The last idea that I think is the biggest problem we face is non-recycling. We need to recycle to use paper, aluminum, plastic and other renewable products to make other products by using the same things over again, this a great and perfect way of preventing pollution.

If we start preventing global warming, there will be a lot of changes. Like we can live longer, we will have more supplies made from renewable products, and our beautiful animals will no longer need to threaten by extinction. All these things will save us and you too.

How I made this draft better than my other one that I added a more satisfying conclusion.
I made the sense of some of my ideas. And I also changed the wrong punctuation into the right thing.

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Alicks said...
on Sep. 23 2014 at 3:18 pm
I agree with you, people today don't realize how bad they are killing our environment. If everyone would contribute and recycle, the earth would be a better place.