Stop Complaining

February 25, 2018
By Anonymous

Philippians 2:14 says do all things without grumbling or questioning. Grumbling means to complain or protest about something. This scripture means that all your actions should be done without complaining.

The Greek word "complainer" means " one who is discontented with his lot in life". This is very similar to grumbling. When someone is complaining it is "not a fruit of the spirt" which means that it is not something that someone who is a Christan should be doing. Complaining ruins, a christens love towards God which can depart them from witnessing to the world. For instance, who would want to be a part of a religion whose life is disappointing and who continually complains.

The first complainer was Adam, before him and Eve ate from the tree they never complained about each other or about being naked. When they ate the apple that the devil convinced them to eat, Adam started to complain about Ave and asked God why they were naked. When this happened, the bible says "And I will put enmity (open hostility) between you and the woman, and between your seed: He shall (fatally) bruise his heel." To the women he said, "I will greatly multiply your pain birth to children;" Genesis 3:14-19. What this is saying is that because Adam complained he and Eve were cursed and so was the rest of the world. The world was cursed with sin and the pain of childbirth. This was because he and Eve listened to the devil instead of obeying God.

Americans should care because in order to live a christens life they cannot complain. If they do complain that doesn’t mean they are going straight to hell because God is very forgiving but people should not take that for advantage because you have to repent and follow the 10 commandments'. Americans should care because when christens go to heaven they get a crown with gems repenting all the people they have brought to Christ. There are streets of gold and everyone has their own apartment. In hell you will burn for futurity and be tormented with all the things you are afraid of. So, don’t complain, live a happy life and go to heaven, because you don’t want to burn forever.

Everyone complains everyday even me but I made a decision to stop and see the good in life and be happy that I am healthy, able to see, walk, and talk without any trouble. So be thankful and stop complaining.

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on Mar. 3 2018 at 11:34 am
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Adam and Eve were not outcast from the Garden of Eden because they were complaining. They were punished because they had been tempted by the devil (snake) and ate the Forbidden Fruit. I don't think complaining has much to do with it. However, Adam BLAMED his wife, and then Eve blamed the snake. But blaming is not the same thing as complaining. Adam and Eve were punished because they disobeyed God and sinned against him. And that first sin is what made our world so sinful and full of hate today. You are right that we shouldn't complain as much, though. However, I think it's pretty much impossible to never complain, and that's when the Gospel comes into play over the Law. :)

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