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November 4, 2010
By Harmwell111 BRONZE, Guilford, Indiana
Harmwell111 BRONZE, Guilford, Indiana
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April 12, 2008 the United States really started acknowledged Polygamy. The First time Polygamy really hit the Nation was on April of 2008. The reason this occurred was because of a Phone call made by a 16 year old girl, from inside the Texas Compound of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Phone call reported that some of the Polygamist Families were Abusing there Children, especially Sexually Abusing the Teen girls. The government ordered a Swat team to enter the Compound. They decided to remove the Children of the polygamist families. They removed every child over the age of 5. The total outcome of the Children was huge. 416 Children were removed from the compound and from their families. They moved the Children into state custody. Eventually after weeks of Debating the judge carrying the cases dropped all charges against the Polygamist Families. The CPS (Child protective services) were not happy, they believed something was going on behind closed doors that no one knew about.

CPS believed that the young girls of YFZ ranch were being forced to marry and reproduce with much older men. CPS were very upset about the dropped charges, that they demanded it to be taken to supreme court. Supreme court also declined, they said “there was no real evidence of abuse toward the children.” The Children were all given back to their families. I believe only one was kept in State care, due to beliefs of true Abuse.

This has been one of the major issues of Polygamy so far. The law enforcement believed that a women posing as a sexually abuse girl made the phone call to Child Services. Due to the fact that they believe this is because they never found the alleged Sarah. Police search for days for Sarah and no one wanted to speak up. Still No one has Found Sarah. But eventually they found the caller. They girl that was supposed to be Sarah was actually a women named Rozita Swinton. She has been arrested for posing as sexually victimized girls.

Many of the People in the YFZ Texas compound moved from another compound. They originally lived in Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona. The reason they left in the first place was due to an increase or scrutiny from the media, and anti-polygamy activists and Law enforcement. So they decided to move and make their own compound. Many Debate still on the YFZ Compound raid. Some still believe that some of the girls at the compound are forced into marrying older men and reproducing with them. Others think it was all a hoax and just a joke a women had made up. What's the real story behind this Polygamist compound?

Dear Mother,

I don not understand why have those horrid people have taken us from you? What have I done to be punished like this? Why has the Compound done this to us? The people at this place have been asking me questions. Questions that are unspeakable to us Mother. They speak with suck impure words. They have asked many of us younger girls, if the men at home have hurt us. Why would they ask such questions? What do I say mother? I do not understand anything that is going on. I am the eldest here mother, all the little ones look to me for guidance and consoling. They truth is I don't even know whats going on. Really I am the one that needs help and guidance. I pray to god every night asking him for help. But what I need the most mother is answers. Mother has something happened that I nor the others know about? Has the compound turned impure? Have the men at home really hurt some of us? I understand now that is why the people here are asking us this. Its because it has happened to someone. What has come of are religion. This can not be what our lord wants. I think now you are the ones that need guidance from god. Maybe someone at home should tell the truth. Mother are you willing to risk your family. This is not right mother and if you don't tell the truth I will. I'm sorry mother!

Love always

Your dearest Elizabeth

The author's comments:
This is a report over Polygamy in the United States. It just tells a story about an issue america had with Polygamy.

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