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How to End Rampant Inequality

November 28, 2016
By ProudDemocrat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
ProudDemocrat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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In our nation and our world we have one underlying issue, inequality. I believe that inequality is a problem that needs to be solved across all communities and cities. Contrary, to people's belief fixing inequality isn’t getting rid of the rich nor is it exactly pushing the poor up. At the very least, in order to fix inequality, we must try to make sure everyone has a chance at an equal education or even making sure that the poor has basic rights enforced.
For example, as college education costs rise the poor is falling even further behind in getting a degree. At some Public Universities tuition is approaching 40,000 dollars, the same tution used to be even high for elite-private colleges. This isn’t really about government help, this is making sure that the poor can afford higher education which could help even the divide. At any moment, I am sure any hard working lower class American would feel more than relieved to have the chance to attend college tuition free. What people don’t understand is that with more money towards the top the more the one percent's power grows in government. Even I have worried about how I would be able to go to and pay for college when I get older. Every American should have the chance to go to college no matter the income type or the family that they live in.

Inequality is a key issue to me because I have even seen the vast difference in wealth in America. When I was younger, I lived with my single mother along with my brother in a typical middle-class home. I enjoyed school and had decent grades. I always thought that I was a high-performer and that I could “always” do well. I didn’t ever think we had money problems, but I remember my mother looking for jobs and she did eventually find a good engineering job that corresponded with Chrysler. She was a hard worker and got paid well for her work for the company and we lived quite well. I eventually met her boss and realized that the company she works for actually profit shares with the workers in the company besides the CEO’S. Now, to be completely honest, as I stated this wasn’t a large company, so thus the revenue of the company would be less. But, the owner of the company actually lived in a home larger than ours but it wasn’t close to a mansion or a very large home. Later in my life, when I had quite a grasp on politics I realized that big large corporations usually have a very large income gap while small businesses don’t. For example, if you worked as a cashier for Walmart you would probably be paid less than someone who worked at a local grocery store. You might be wondering now how does this have anything to do with inequality? Well, it has quite a bit to do with inequality actually. As productivity rises for the majority of Americans they are seeing their incomes drop. It seems like companies would rather see their CEO’s get the largest piece of the pie while actually, regular workers are putting in far more productivity.

As an American, I care about this because I don’t want to go in an America that is an Oligarchy and not a democracy. As someone who will be entering the workforce in ten years I want to have a good start in life and not work more than what I am paid. This issue doesn’t just apply to me, it is affecting everyone and that is why it needs to be solved. Inequality affects us from college all the way into determining how much money we make in the workforce.   

Inequality doesn’t just affect college tuition and paychecks; now it even affects how well your child may do in school. If a child is born into a wealthy family, they are more likely to do better in school while a child from a poorer family is more likely to do worse. This is not because wealthier children are smarter, it’s because they have more resources available to them while poorer children don’t. One thing that really pains me in life, is seeing the poor and needy falling behind even when they are working much harder than the average person. Let me put this into perspective, do you think that a CEO works harder than an average joe? Sure, the CEO’s productivity may be decently high and someone who is poor might be lower. But, you usually don’t see the wealthy and CEO’s fighting for a paycheck every week. Going home and seeing that your pantry is empty and you can’t make it out to the store to get food for your child. This is truly making sure that every human being can live in decency and not in poverty while working. Inequality might not be on your “bucket-list” but it’s certainly on mine. Thus, I believe in fixing inequality and finally ensuring equality for all.

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