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Get Active!

January 4, 2013
By NessaLeanne SILVER, San Francisco, California
NessaLeanne SILVER, San Francisco, California
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It’s important for young people to get active because it’s beneficial to a child’s mentality, physique, and self-esteem level. United States now stands as number one in obesity and the number is gradually increasing. It might mean nothing as a child, but the lack of physical exercise will definitely affect him/her in the long run. Health problems will greatly disadvantage him/her to do certain matters that they normally would carry out such as walking up stairs to playing on the playground with their friends.

Shameful as it is, we live in a world where many people believe looks do matter, where everything is judged and appearance IS one of the factors. Being just a little overweight or having a little double chin is not much, but it becomes an easy target for bullies to act upon. No parent wants to see their child being made fun of because they aren’t physically fit. Their self-esteem will lower thus drive many to inflict self-injury and commit suicide.

Being active, through exercise, sport, or any other activity- no matter what form, it gives young people an interest for them to be passionate about. The lack of activity from a number of teens has driven them to do senseless measures that have ended in with harmful results. Getting ‘active’ doesn’t necessarily mean being the best at whatever you do, but it is important to yourself and everyone else around you. Studies show that people who are involved with their community are much happier. They become more confident through their verbal speech and achievements and the acknowledgment from others makes him/her reassured of the decisions they make in life.

Motivating a person to get active is a crucial aspect to living a longer, happier, and healthier life.

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