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January 18, 2009
By Anonymous

“Two’s Company; three’s a Marriage.” It’s not a man and a woman anymore; it’s a man and five wives. Five wives…most men can only dream of bedding a different woman each night. There is no need to dream anymore, it’s the polygamist way. But what happens when a 52-year-old man marries a fifteen year old child…is that legal? No. Plural marriage is currently illegal, but in Steve Chapman’s article he says: that plural marriage will always be a “minority taste” and that legalizing polygamy would “bring polygamists out from the underground.” It may bring them out from this so called underground society, but it could also cause a mass epidemic of chaos.

Who would be crazy enough to want to share a house with over twenty wives, with an endless siege of PMS? Polygamy is of course, more attractive to the male eye. Legalize polygamy, for what? So that the female youth can be married off at the prime of their childhood? No! The 1800’s are over! We went through the revolution, civil rights, and women’s rights. Why take a giant leap back?

The bible clearly states that a marriage is between one man, and one woman. Not one man and multiple wives. Most men can’t even handle being married to one woman. The polygamist women are bread like dogs. They have to pop out children consecutively each nine months, simultaneously ending up with multiple children; most polygamist families adding up to over twenty children. An American household averages 2 children per family. How can anyone pay the grossly amount of college for twenty children? Hugh Heffner could.

Hugh Heffner the modern day polygamist. Teenage boys idolize Heffner with his player ways, becoming more and more socially acceptable; however, Heffner doesn’t have multiple wives, just girlfriends. It’s his last attempt to live his dream before he dies, so why idolize his ways. It is merely a sad story, the fact that he needs multiple women to keep him happy—just like polygamists.

Gay marriage is not legalized in America, yet many homosexuals still are “together” just not recognized as legally wed. Polygamy is illegal and yet still practiced, law officials simply sweep it under the rug ignoring many of the rapes, underage marriage, and abuse that goes on in the compounds. Law officials need to save these women, and not spread the mass disease of polygamy.

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on Apr. 7 2009 at 12:16 am
artofthedeath PLATINUM, Dothan, Alabama
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I have developed a recent fetish for hearing about polygamy. I think it's sick, but increasingly interesting. The church of Latter Day Saints has earned my respect, but not the people who live in sects, ruled by one sick person with "divine ability." Thanks for the entertainment. :)