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Report on re-offenders

April 14, 2011
By Duffster SILVER, Jounieh, Other
Duffster SILVER, Jounieh, Other
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The aims of this report are to provide an overview on the number of re-offenders and the types of crimes they commit, indicate their sex and the reasons why they re-offend. Suggestions are also going to be made on how figures can be reduced.

Numbers + Statistics
Going through government files and figures shows that around 58% of re-offenders are women while 66% are men. It is clear that the percentage of re-offenders amongst men is higher than that amongst women. Other statistics indicate that 27% of re-offenders commit burglaries, 20% car thefts, 18% muggings, 15% pick pocketing and 20% other types of crimes.
I also got to sit down with former re-offenders and question them about the reasons that pushed them to commit crimes again. Most of them said it was the lack of money, unemployment and... boredom! Only 20% of ex-prisoners who found stable employment re-offended and 60% found work once released, due to the job training they received (e.g. IT or construction).

In my opinion, working on reducing unemployment could help reduce the figures for the main reasons why ex-prisoners re-offend are unemployment and lack of money (due to unemployment). The training prisoners are following is helping over the half of them to find a job so maybe improving that training could get them more chances to find a job once they're out of jail or prison. I recommend:
-the government to pay firms subventions if they hire ex-prisoners; that would help them integrate society better and would reduce chances of re-offending;
-the creation of a center that joins application forms from unemployed ex-prisoners and firms so that the latter could hire the right people and vice-versa;
-enhance security and education systems to prevent more thefts;
-enhance the health system because it would be good if the government paid a percentage of meds' prices or offered free meds. A lot of these people are committing crimes in order to steal money so they could afford paying bills and/or meds.

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