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What the United States Flag Stands for

November 4, 2022
By Anonymous

To me America means freedom. Anybody anywhere can get a job no matter what race you are. Anybody anywhere can go out and eat where they want. In certain portions of the country, there may be people who will give others a hard time because of their race, but no matter what everybody still has the same amount of freedom. There is no distinction between the rights of a black man and a Hispanic man. No distinction between the rights of a Hispanic man and an Asian man. No distinction between the rights of a white man and a black man, we are all equal.

The flag also stands for freedom. When I say freedom I mean that we will help other countries that need it. The first time the United States ever helped out was in the First World War. We fought in France against the Germans, fighting to keep our French Allies free. The next time we did something like this was nearly twenty-five years later in the Second World War. We fought against the Germans again and also the Japanese. The Japanese committed horrendous war crimes against the U.S, the Philippines, the Chinese, and many other Pacific Islanders. We also did it in Korea, so then the South Koreans wouldn’t be under strict communist rule. We also did it in Vietnam, for the same reason. We have done it in Iraq and Afghanistan to stop terrorists.

In the end, our flag stands for freedom and equality. We all are seen as equal and we all have the same rights. Not to mention the flag also stands for spreading freedom and fighting for freedom.

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