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February 3, 2009
By Anonymous

In America today, technology and socialization reign over the busy, crowded streets and the densely populated cities. This time has been shaped by a unique culture; one in which is powered by wires, pixels, and electricity; and among others things, interactions. Conversing with peers has always been a central theme to every decade but now it dominates more than ever; with the ever expanding modern society permeating into the United States of America, and around the world. The old life that once lived is now long gone and simplicity seemed to follow it out the door. The 20th century has been replaced by the artificial age; in which has turned America more machine than beast. Our advancements and society has grown exponentially; building the America of today and shaping the America of tomorrow to come. I believe there are numerous explanations for our need to expand, our advancement in technology that has changed life for all; and our dire need to achieve the impossible: perfection.

I believe the root of all advancement is deeply buried in the human mind. We have this desire to control a situation, or an event; or anything that occurs or exists. In our nature, we have pushed forward as a means of self bliss. Technology is a means of pushing forward, a means of successfully scratching that itch to be happy. We need to expand, because without growth we would never be satisfied with our style of living or anything that occupies Earth at all. Humans are always looking for something else; more, more, more and the present and the number is never enough because that's insufficient. And unfortunately, with the rapid growing population of humans, more jobs are needed and more everything is needed to live comfortably in the world. With our superior intelligence to nature, we strive to figure out the universe and extract every bit of a good that comes from it; to put people in work; to keep our mind racing. Because without that racing; we grown bored and inconvenienced. It's only a means of listening to our inner voice, and easing work and gaining comfort, and doing what we think we should (figuring everything out); to survive and live happily; to do what we can only do.

Cell phones and computers lie in the majority of homes in the major areas of the world; and buildings span several cities in several countries; and just about every appliance has been made for human use and convenience. Technology virtually runs everyone's lives and the world as we know it. Not only that, but it has changed the style of life for just about everybody; and it has certainly made the world complicated. People are controlled by there electronic devices; and life revolves around what a text says or what someone says on a call. We rely on computers for email, and numerous jobs that people have online; and we rely on the latest model of car to move anywhere; to accomplish anything. I-pods give many a source of portable music, movies and games to go with them anywhere. TV's sprawl the walls of thousands, providing mindless comfort and excitement. Our world has delved into the age of dependency and reliance on everything else and everyone else. As dependency increases so does materialism and materialism molds everyone in the same fashion; craving possessions, money, and technology. In my opinion, the lifestyle that has been established is both typical and boring. It seems as though people have no choice but to go along and surround there life within technologies borders; because of dependency; because of advancement.

Naturally, every specimen has flaws, and those flaws make it impossible for that creature to be perfect. Perfection is unattainable. However, that does not make it appealing to the human race. As a means of striving toward perfection; without flaw or misery; without problem or difficulty; we have created a world that comes close to its standards. It makes sense that people are trying to make life better and easier with technology and growth. But in that same light, I believe they are trying to reach the impossible: perfection. Unlike nature; that is born with necessities it needs and the world it suits well; humans are a bowl of intelligence with nothing naturally born to them. We build and build to attain that luxury we were never born with; the luxury we think we deserve because perhaps we are the superior species on the face of the Earth. Our mind is never settling, and it is always looking for more to do and more to see; and so our ideas are always trying to be put down. Advancement is a way to succeed in attaining paradise and well being for the whole good of the human species and our survival on Earth. Because our mind is never satisfied, the only thing we contemplate is: 'I know I can make this better,' or 'This isn't good enough.' And so, with the thought of perfection and all happiness in our mind; we grow; we try to reach a natural environment as possible for us and to flourish to reach its perfection's door; one that is still unattainable. But what can humans do but strive for nirvana; the nirvana it doesn't have; the nirvana it wasn't born with.

Our world has come far since the dawn of time; and the creation of fire and the invention of the wheel. Humans have come to create a landscape of productivity and accomplishment, with spanning cities all over the world; and technology that eases stresses and provides comfort for many. It's what we need to do; push forward to strive for good and happiness. Our advancements are a means of controlling the Earth, and perhaps it has pushed many into a state of dependency and complicatedness. With the ultimate goal of achieving perfection and nirvana; we have pushed on to reach the pinnacle of our abilities, and the pinnacle of technology; no matter the consequence; no matter anything it creates. Because it's all we can do: move ahead to reach what we really want; what our inner voice tells us to do.

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