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Becoming Anti-Social.. A Choice or An Epidemic?

May 21, 2009
By Elisha Buckingham SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Elisha Buckingham SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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*You can not label a human-being Anti-Social because humans are always subject to change.
Just because a person is anti-social while on a computer or watching T.V does not mean that you can now label that person 'Anti-social.' The brain is built to function a certain way. On the task at hand.
*Cyber School:
Just because Cyber-Students don't interact like everyone else, doesn't mean they are going to be dysfunctional when dealing with the world.
Cyber-Students are not being shelter from developing socially, or emotionally. Cyber School is just like any other school, minus the class room. Cyber-Students can interact with their teachers just as if he or she were in a class room. Cyber-Students can interact with other Cyber-Student through field trips, and online class rooms. Cyber- Students are still developing mentally, and emotionally not only in school, but also because of scientific reasons such as chemicals in our brains that develop due to our chemistry in our bodies and our age. You also have to take into consideration that individuals' life style and the individual themselves.

*To label a human is such a diverse thing to do.
People may bring up that "Statistics show that computer, tv, and today's technology are making our generation anti-social" I highly disagree! In fact, if anything it serves as another means of communication. Many people today use computers to send and receive messages, information, and stay in touch with family members. We watch tv to for movies, to engage in social networks such as reality tv-shows, the cooking channels, and as a learning tool with animal planet, the discovery channel, and history channel at our finger tips. You can always find your local news on basic channels 1 through 10. Thus a prime example of communication; of sending and receiving messages. Thus it goes without saying that today's technology such as cell phones, serve as an important tool in this world of communication.

* As Humans we strive for acceptance. We travel in groups. We are meant to be more than one. God didn't create Adam and say "Ok, go on, have fun. Build me a world I can be proud of.. Good Luck!" No, he made Eve as a companion because we were suppose to have someone to talk to, someone to share ourselves with, someone other than ourselves to communicate and grow with.
- If you take a person whose lived their whole life in the ghetto, and throw them into the suburbs, they will try to stick with what makes them comfortable, of course, but after a while, if it doesn't work, they are not going to give up, and stay alone, they are going to adapt! Why? Because communication is the most important thing to us Humans. We must communicate!
Even people who don't speak the same language find a way to convey a message, or understand one another.
- Even before written language, images and pictures were used to convey messages, and before images and pictures, sounds were used. You can not label a species such as ours 'Anti-Social', that is something an individual may choose to be. Not something a person becomes. Its not possible. If something does not work consistently, that something is subject to change, or adapt.
- If all I have ever known my whole life was cyber school and I am now faced with going into a public school, I will have to learn how to interact with my peers, and people around me. Even if I had been cyber schooled my entire life, and I graduate, I am now "forced" to move on with my life, I will learn how to function in this new environment I am now faced with.
- Even when a person gets a new job, that person can't just keep getting fired because they don't know how to communicate... they will have to learn, adapt and change. As humans we strive for acceptance, we strive for understanding, we strive to communicate. As humans, we are not meant to be alone. We will never have to worry about becoming "Anti-Social," because no matter what our method of communication is, even if it is taken away from us, we will always find another way to communicate.

*You can not label a human 'Anti-Social.'
Communication is all we have, all we know; without it we will become dysfunctional, but even a deaf person learns how to communicate.

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