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You've come here to learn? That's new.

November 20, 2009
By farquharaaron BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
farquharaaron BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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There is a large amount of hate against school. Kids feel trapped and bored. They go because they don't see any other choice. They're told if they don't go they will grow up to be stupid and have a terrible life.

Yet the education provided to students is often pathetic. Its uncool to be too into school and people who fail often loose all hope with ever 'succeeding' in life.

On facebook the most common fan pages are based on hate against school and homework. Half of my friends' (the ones that go to school) status updates are about how much they hate school and homework.

High schools teachers are required to teach a subject.
Not to have their students learn.

But what would kids do if they didn't go to school? Parents have too main reasons for sending their kids to school. First off, they need to put the kids somewhere. High school is almost a federally instituted babysitting service. Some of my friends joined the facebook group "We should have nap time in high school".

Secondly, what kind of parents lets their kid drop out of school and let them do what they want? They won't learn anything and will waste all their time with TV and video games. They will grow up anti-social and be a failure drop out in life.

Learning is inevitable. As unbelievable as it may sound people learn outside of school. Our brain wasn't designed to learn like robots, it evolved for survival. And currently according to most teens I know, school is 'killing' them.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by dropping out of school and getting a real education.

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