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Two Mental Health Days?

June 4, 2022
By mkka_03 BRONZE, Manchester, Connecticut
mkka_03 BRONZE, Manchester, Connecticut
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Just how stressful is school? Are teenagers with mental health issues put under more stress while being in school? Should we offer days for them to take breaks? Yes, we should, but how? How can we effectively support these students, while also helping them achieve a diploma? 

Many students in highschool suffer from stress. But, many also suffer with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). Sometimes schools can become too overwhelming for students and they need an escape. As a student myself, I see many of my classmates who struggle with mental health who just need time to themselves. 

According to the CDC, “More than 1 in 3 high school students had experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in 2019.” I can say at one point in my high school life, I have also felt feelings of hopelessness because I felt so flooded with my school work. This number is high and alarming because we are our tomorrow’s futures, and we are constantly pressured and unhappy during our high school experiences, which are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives.” 

In CT, we are allowed to take two days each school year for mental health issues. As a senior with just a month left of highschool, I just learned of this. I do not understand how schools try to support their students, but do not inform them of the support that is offered. I believe it is a start, but nor is it near enough days for us to take off. We are in school for about 9 months, and are only allowed two mental health days, which is not enough for one each quarter. Sometimes we need a day or two off every month or two, but we can not; unless we do so and get marked absent, or make up an excuse. 

Jobs allow their employees to take personal days off. Considering that we are in school for six hours a day, five days a week, for nine months, it is safe to say that school is a job itself. We are constantly given work and expected to have it all completed on time. Sometimes it is achievable, but at other times, the stress gets to us and we just need an outlet. This will be perfect for us to take a mental day to ourselves to focus on our well beings and get back on track. 

It is not known when we will need the days off so how are we expected to manage them for a whole school year? It is not like we can just plan to take them off, because mental health issues are worse on some days more than others. The Child Mind Institute says “when a child has been pushing through challenges and is feeling drained, a break is not only a good idea, it’s necessary.” Separating from school when I need to has always helped me focus on myself and get my mind on track so that I am in the right headspace to continue on. 

Many students go through days of mental health episodes where two days is just not enough. On top of these mental health days, we are still expected to have our work done, while being assigned more work. How can teachers and schools provide more support for students with these health issues?

Provide more mental health days! A limit should be set so that students do not take advantage of it. I feel as though five mental health days should be given to students to take off. Schools also have to make sure that their students are aware that they are given mental health days to take off. Spread the word so that together we can make it through highschool with some stress taken off of our shoulders. 




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The author's comments:

Mental Health is a topic that is on the rise. Teenagers and mental health are a big deal that needs to be taken into consideration with school. I believe it could be talked about more amongst schools and students should be given more days off for it. 

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