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Why do Children Feel the Need to Interrupt?

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Children interrupt frequently, but why? One day, as I sat in one of my school’s numerous classrooms something dawned on me. The constant murmurs of frustration because certain children did not get picked on. The teacher of my language arts class was ready to move on, but it seemed like others were not. Some one in the crowd rudely interrupted, “you did not answer my question!!!” Why did the student have to do that? The teacher turned as red a freshly picked cherry tomato, and replied with a “Did someone say something because I did not see a hand.” The student was flustered and raised her hand for her last attempt. She was defeated.

There must be some psychological reason for the constant interruptions, but what makes these students tick? Is it their constant craving for attention, or is it that the children just cannot wait like civilized people to have their questions answered? From my back row seat in my language arts class, it seems as if some students are slimy, sassy, and snobby, and others are as quiet as mice. I cannot think of any other way to describe some children as just plain rude. If they could only keep their mouths shut for a couple more minutes, I am sure that the teacher would be glad to answer their burning questions.

But now a days children just do not have that patience. Children have the patience to stay up until twelve o’clock to get the new Call of Duty, but they do not have patience to hold up their hands for a few nanoseconds. What is up with that? I mean seriously. It is just a few nanoseconds!! Come on! How lazy have schoolchildren gotten?

Interruptions intervene with the children who are actually trying to learn. The children who interrupt create a somewhat hostile environment. Picture this: Your teacher is having a conversation with you and only you out loud and some one just has to get their word in, and now your teacher has lost his/her train of thought and you (the student) has not gotten their question answered. What a bummer. Do you not find that extremely annoying? Well I know I do.

Perhaps, we will never know what makes children want to interrupt. In my opinion, maybe children view interrupting like a forbidden fruit. The children just have to taste and when they finally do, they cannot get enough of it. It is like someone who is addicted to nicotine. They cannot live without their daily fix. It is as if they cannot do anything until their craving has been satisfied. Maybe if Einstein was alive he could create some kind of contraption to figure out why children interrupt, but until then this mystery is as unsolved as the case of Jon Benet Ramsey. This is dedicated to the children who interrupt: Until they have not made a machine to figure out why you interrupt. If you people can just keep your mouths shut until then. THANK YOU!!

The author's comments:
To anybody who interrupts, please stop!!! It is rude and worthless, no offense.

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