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April 4, 2019
By Maia_237 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Maia_237 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Recess, the best part of the day and the real reason you like going to school. But little do you know as soon as you get to middle school or high school, it all ends. The things teachers don’t realize is that taking away recess causes more chaos from extra energy.

Most classrooms are very chaotic and crazy until recess because of extra energy 1that kids haven’t gotten a chance to get rid of. Which results in poor learning environments and students with difficulty in academic activities. But in middle and high school kids don’t have recess anymore which causes the energy to just build up with nowhere to go.

Recess also gives students the opportunity to make friends and develop social skills.2Recess or any social event without friends is boring but sometimes going to those type of things forces you to be social and develop the skills that you will need in your life later on.
Recess wouldn't be a problem except for time management. Once you get to middle school or high school you get electives such as, Band, Orchestra, Theater, Art,Choir and so much more. Those take away your recess time but we could start taking kids that are finished with lunch early outside for their "recess".


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There are ways to fix our whole recess problem but no one has really put thought or effort into it until now. I think we could fit recess into our schedule with some rearranging and effort. I don't see why recess was such a big problem in the first place but obviously we’ve made the impossible possible.

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Hi my name is Maia E. and I am a 7th grader! I have just learned about teen ink and I absolutely love it! It has showed me some things about other kids my age and how their lives can be so much similar to mine. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my writing and hopefully it gets published. Thank you!

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