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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I chose to take psychology because one is able to better understand themselves, understand others, and learn how people think so I can use that to my advantage in the business world.

I often wonder why I like the items, subjects, and activities that I do. In psychology I will learn how and why I think the way I think. This is important to me because I want to know whether my up brining and culture influences me, or is it because of the genes I possess from my mother and father. I hope to find an answer this year through my studies. If I had to predict I would say a mix of both.

I also think it is important to be accepting and tolerant of others and their certain beliefs about different matters. Some people like activities and subjects that I may not entirely agree with. It is important to learn why they believe what they do. People are different throughout the world, but there are similarities between them even if they are hundreds of miles away from each other. I would like to learn what customs, traditions, and ways of thinking are witnessed worldwide and why some are apparent one place but not another.

My final reason for taking psychology is so I can better understand people from a business standpoint. It is vital to know what consumers want and need. Knowing how they think will help in making major marketing and promotional decisions. I hope to learn how people react to certain situations or ads to see what will get them interested. Consumers having confidence in a company or product, or steering them to believe they will have confidence is important to obtaining loans, or accounts and clients.

I know the effort I put into this course will benefit me later in life. It may be challenging and frustrating at times, but topics I will learn about will influence my decisions and goals for the future.

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