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The Disadvantage of Emojis

March 9, 2018
By Miriam.D. BRONZE, San Francisco, California
Miriam.D. BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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According to statistics done in 2015 by Statista, the leading cause for U.S. internet users to use emojis is because they more accurately express what the user is thinking. Even though this may be true, Emojis can have a more negative impact than one might think.


After so many years of human development, as a society it seems that we’d like to return to the more intuitive ways of speaking in pictures. This is not necessarily a sign of decline in growth in out society, but it does pose some possible overall negative outcomes.


Overtime, the simplification of emotion can make people less articulate, which leaves them not accustomed and not as well equipped for the real world. When an emoji is used more often, its use waters down the ‘value’ as it proceeds to be progressively used more and more which lessens the impact of real emotions; having to rely on emojis can lead to a lack of being able to communicate efficiently with others


Emojis do not require one to process their emotions and take time to express something in a meaningful way. Simply tapping on a picture to send a message takes away the social interaction and trains the user to not be used to trying to accurately convey their feelings.


Emojis can be used to fake an emotion and both sides can reciprocate this; they can be used to ‘hide behind’ the real emotion that is genuinely being felt. Essentially, they can be used for people to not be true to themselves and others.

Nevertheless, Emojis have been around for almost two decades now and it is clear that they are here to stay. While it is true that this form of communication can be a more entertaining use of self expression than more traditional methods, it is good to keep these points in mind.

The author's comments:

I know the stance in the article is not a common opinion but this is what I have noticed that has started to happen to people around me. 


I, Miriam, like to play table tennis and eat chicken taquitos and could use a nap. 

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