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Faking Celebrity Deaths?!?!

September 18, 2017
By HonestyUpheld BRONZE, Chico, California
HonestyUpheld BRONZE, Chico, California
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So I've been thinking lately...the thing wrong nowadays is that everyone is obsessed with death. Yeah, sound familiar, Skyrim geeks? But Jon Battle-Born had a point, only this time it's regarding the real world. Now, I'm no one to talk; I'm just as edgy and darkness-loving as the next emo homie, but it's starting to get out of hand. It's gone so far as creating articles of false deaths of famous people. But why? Maybe it's just for gags, or because that particular sick person wishes the star dead (okay, I'm being a bit hypocritical here as well; I despise Megan Fox and sometimes wish she would crawl in a crap-filled hole and die go away), but, I mean, c'mon! Creating them a fake death? You're just causing anxiety and concern for all their fans who might actually believe it.

I feel like we can do so much better than that. Really, guys, you have GOT to have better things on your hands. You may not have a life, but I do, and I don't want it plagued with any more negativity that I'm already breathing in by the gallon.

That's about it for all of my philosophies. Thank yours truly for the awkward abrupt ending. Good luck.

    Yours truly,

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Just a note on all these fake celebrity deaths ¯\_(?)_/¯

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