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Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?

January 13, 2016
By Justin-L.S. BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Justin-L.S. BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Some people need to portion their time online.  If it’s portioned right it can be the best thing, but if it's portioned wrong, bad things could happen. One time my little cousin used so many gigabytes she had to pay 15-20 dollars, that's a lot to her because she 10-11ish and doesn’t do any work. Also a long time ago one of my friends moved away and we still kept in touch for like a whole year.

The first paragraph is all about friends. second all about the bad stuff that goes on online. Last it's about how people take advantage of technology.

You make a lot of good friends online and maybe even hang out in real life. Like one of my brothers friends, we knew him for like 2-3 years and eventually we figured out he lived only like an hour away. So we got to actually meet him. with my brother and his friend he could meet in real life and become even better friends. Here's one of the reasons internet should be portioned. Everybody's heard stories of predators becoming ‘friends’ and that's why i think there's a need for it to be portioned. Also with all the cyber bullying going on the internet, some people may not be ready. Some people even commit suicide if they are cyber bullied enough.

Last there are a lot of people that hack on the internet. Some people take advantage on the internet just because they can hack. I play alot of video games online and there are hackers ruining games by hacking and giving themselves all the power, and it sucks for the people who are just trying to have fun. Also their are some even worse hackers that steal money from people.

That is why I think the internet can be the best thing if portioned properly.first it's easier to make friends.second there are a lot of bad people on it. Last some people take advantage of it. Internet is really important because it brings us all together but it can tear us apart.

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