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Fashion trends that trumped this year

November 26, 2012
By alyssa.wiese PLATINUM, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
alyssa.wiese PLATINUM, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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In the past year, trends have come and gone. Some students followed the trends, while others started their own. But these trends have been the most popular and longest lasting trends.

In spring 2012, pastel colors were the rage. Easter colors, like lavender purple and baby pink were huge colors for nails. Pastels, blouses, light fashionable jackets called blazers, and the trendy boat style shoes Sperry’s were also hits. Blazers and Sperry’s were not only fashionable, but also agreed with the weather.

The transition from winter to spring called for shoes and jackets that were light enough to wear for spring, but still warm enough for outdoor weather. Spring was also when TOMS, the shoe company that helps give shoes to kids around the world, became a hit.

Once spring ended, it was time for summer. Although students were outside of school, summer was the season with the best trends. Over the three months, trends grabbed attention all over the world. The key piece of summer was neon. Neon clothing and nails were seen all summer and sported by all ages.

Along with neon, was color blocking. Color blocking was the combination of colors, neon of course, put into certain pieces of clothing. An outfit of color blocking would include; a neutral top with bright colored shoes and accessories. Summer hair was a mixture of beachy waves and ombre color. Ombre is a hair coloring that starts dark at the roots, and gets lighter as it reaches the ends.

Once schools start again in fall, students determine what is in and out in the world of style. This fall, girls have been seen wearing boots, scarves, and high waisted jeans.

During the cold Wisconsin weather, warm clothing and layers tends to come first over fashionable clothing. But this winter, sweaters are a must-have.

Oversized sweaters, even the ugly ones, have been seen everywhere. At school, the most seen sweaters are thick knits with leggings, boots, and legwarmers. Leg warmers are spotted when worn peeking out of boots.

Once 2013 begins, new trends will arrive and this year’s trends will disappear. But just as neon and high waisted pants have come back from the eighties, we may see these trends come back in the future.

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