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August 3, 2012
By YoshiVisa GOLD, Plainsboro, New Jersey
YoshiVisa GOLD, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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People wash their cars occasionally, but have you heard of people washing their brains? It may seem nonsensical, even foolish for someone to say that. In reality, however, people are increasingly washing their brains, getting brainwashed, by television, video games, music, and the internet. The new technologically advanced items that continually come out every month increase the propensity for people, especially teens to become brainwashed in terms of changing their beliefs or becoming addicted to a certain habit which they even know is detrimental to their lifestyle. Unknowingly or knowingly, the United States population are feeding themselves a poison from which they cannot retreat, unless they stop right now. The US puts utmost security on restricting poisons and encouraging the general population to eat healthy. But what about these brainwashing items? They may contribute more to the decrease in health and brain disease than diet itself! Since there is no direct correlation between health problems and television, video games, and internet, one cannot say that there is a causative effect. But, it has only been a score of years since these amenities have been available. It requires a long-term study. It has, however, already been proven that violent video games and television contributes to the violent behavior of individuals. The violence in the virtual world desensitizes the children and appears to them as less harmful than violence really is. That is why there is not only an increase in the crime and corruption in the country, but also in the number of psychological cases. How many times before the last ten years have there been incidents where a person open fires in a movie theater trying to act like the villain?
Television, internet, and video games are not bad. That is not what the point is. They turn malicious when the person using it starts to misuse these resources. Television shows include many informational shows such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, where there is more information and learning going on than just sitting on the couch watching a soap opera. If one compares the childhood television shows to shows now, there is a clear distinction between the amount of violence, nudity, and curses used. This is mainly a product of our changing American culture, but it is the responsibility of the public to realize that this is the wrong direction of culture. Instead of progressing, American society is degrading. And the result is brainwashed people who live through soap operas rather than real life situations.
Video games have also become more violent. Games like Call of Duty and Halo epitomize the video game culture nowadays. These games desensitize children because they view kills and weapons as mere playing tools. A death in Call of Duty is just an extra point for the killer. As the children get older, they underestimate death and misery, they get brainwashed into feeling no pain when someone dies and even disrupt familial relations. The only way these kids release their grasp from the desensitized world is if someone very close to them dies. And by then, it is too late.
The internet is arguably the greatest brainwasher of all. People make millions of dollars off the internet for unimaginable reasons. Dating sites, virtual games where people meet each other all brainwash teens and adults who use them. They feel it is an escape from reality. However, they do not realize that the escape soon will turn to reality. Then what will he/she do? Not only has he/she ruined her life, he/she will be chatting with virtual people, people who you do not even know exist. Increasingly, there is an increase in the amount of “emo” people on these virtual meeting places. They complain about their life, their misery, their suffering. But never once do they mention the things they’ve tried to counteract that. Personally, I do not know what these people have been through, but I can guarantee that it is not half as bad as the situations that underdeveloped countries, which make up over half the population of the world, have gone through. This perception that one’s life is messed up and in shambles comes mainly from media. Songs that describe broken relationships, suffering, and love brainwash teens. They think that their life is done for because of their broken relationship. It is almost pitiful that these children, teens, and even adults feel this way. I’ve been to these virtual sites in order to experiment with my theories. And what I found astounds me. The emo people say they’ve been through so much, adopted, moved from country to country, parents died, no money etc. If they were able to survive through such hardships, how can they not be courageous and have the will power to succeed in life! It is because American culture, the brainwashing, has increased their feeling of hopelessness and misery.
It’s true that I have not been through much suffering, I live a great life and have all the resources I could ever want. But I can speak through my relatives in India. They have just as many problems as the “emo” people here in America, if not more. But I do not hear them complaining. In fact, I hear them praying to god. every day that they were able to get such a good life, compared to the homeless people on the street.
If there is one thing I’ve learned from my experience in different countries and different places. It’s this: If you keep faith is yourself, your family, and god, there is nothing that can deter you from doing what you want. This may seem cliche at first, but think about it. There is always a reason for everything, a motive behind the hardships, that blossoms in success sooner or later.
Keeping this faith is the only way to counteract the brainwashing that is occurring in America. The companies make their money by selling these games, shows, and songs. But the consumer needs to be able to discern between virtuality and reality, so that even if they watch the soap operas on television, they will stay in television, and not morph into a reality.

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Shina said...
on Aug. 20 2012 at 2:39 am
What kind of horrible person writes an article complaining about kids being sad because they were adopted, or because their parents died. There are lots of emo brats out there who whine coz their parents won't buy them cars or ipads, and you pick on the kids with actual problems? Shame on you. Those kids are sad because their lives are horrible, not because the media told them to be sad.