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Boring Distractions.

August 11, 2009
By Anonymous

some people wondor how I make it through the day. The tv we have has 7 channels. The only game system I own is a playstation one. I'm lucky to be able to post anything online because we have dial up internet. I've got a cellphone, but I don't have texting. We don't have satillite radio, Fancy ipods, expensive tv plans, hi-speed internet, new video game systems, mySpace pages, high fashon clothes or even high def. telivisons.
It dosen't bother me, it dosen't make me any less of a person than you. I enjoy some of the old fashon ways that people used to be entertained. I love reading. I love drawing. I love hiking and playing outside. I love talking and hanging out with my friends. Tell me what in that list includes any of today's expensive, new Technology? I don't believe that technology is bad, I think most of it is unneccicary and overpriced. Do we really need a compass on our phone? why can't we just go buy one? Why is texting so important? can't we just send a regular old email or letter? Do we have to subscribe to overrated websites and put our pictures all over the place? I never thought so. I don't ignore all the cool phones and mp3 players I see all over the place. But whats convienient isn't always whats best.
You probably think my life is really boring. I'd say the same thing about you. would you be able to live a week without the stuff i mentioned in this article? Probably not. And to me, that's just sad. If you could change that and start paying attention to things that really matter, then you would know all the pain and suffering that the media covers up. Some people don't even have a home, and we spend billions a year investing in electronics. Do you know? Do you care? Maybe you think you can't make a differince. Maybe you think you don't have to. Make it you goal everyday to help someone in need. you don't have to sell you house and move to Africa. Cheer someone up when they're having a bad day. Donate spare change to worthy funds. Care. It's easy. I might be changing lives by writing this. Maybe not. It's not up to me, can you guess who in your life is gonna make you change? Im sure you can. You can think I live a boring life. But I usually ignore most unconstuctive opinions thrown at me, so give me your best shot. Or better yet, Make a differince in someone's life. the rest is just a distraction.

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on Apr. 15 2011 at 3:43 pm
RideTheWave BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
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you are sooo right. you are probably going to be better off in life because you will have had the time to do things other people can't. good for you! this is awesome! it is a great lifestyle


123abc456def said...
on Apr. 6 2010 at 10:04 am
Good for you! This article really made me think. I love reading, drawing, and being outside also. I try to use electronics for less than an hour if at all. Bravo!