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Why Should People Watch Cult Classics?

March 5, 2020
By Anonymous

Movies are a significant part of pop culture and society. Many people in today’s age watch streaming services to see the newest releases, but don’t care to see many timeless classics. People should watch more movies as this form of entertainment is enjoyable and relatable, but not given the chance to shine.

I enjoy many movies. If there is one that seems even remotely interesting, I will take the time to watch it. I pride myself on watching cult classics and films that were popular in decades such as the 1980’s and 90’s, but also enjoy newer films as well. I may reference these movies or bring them up in conversation and pained when everyone has no idea what I am talking about as they have not seen or even heard of the movie. These films should be seen as they can relate to real life experience. Movies such as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" or "The Breakfast Club" relate to teenagers today although they came out in the 1980’s. These movies may help create understanding as students can realize that their high school problems are not unique and that everyone has experienced these, helping them realize that they will be able to make it through.

Films also allow those to express emotions that they may keep bottled in. Comedies that are outlandish such as "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" provide laughs that would be highly enjoyable with friends. Dramas such as "Goodfellas" provide insight into a different lifestyle. Horror movies such as "Nightmare on Elm Street" provide fun and sometimes cheesy scares. Movies based off of a true story can be interesting and educational, especially in a topic that you find enjoyable. All of these allow escapism from real world problems as a person can sit back, relax and enjoy a good film.

There are many reasons why people are unable to see these films. The biggest reason is exposure to them. Many parents may not have mentioned these films while they were growing up. Luckily for myself, my parents brought these movies up (the kid-friendly ones). As I got older, they continued to introduce me to films that I had not seen as they became age appropriate until I started to search for these movies on my own. Parents should expose their children to all aspects of films that are appropriate for their age to teach them values such as the ones that I learned.

If people were able to see various movies, this would open the door for many more conversations. No longer would I mention a quote and nobody understands the reference. People would be able to learn and discuss values as well as become inspired in a similar manner to how children in the 1980’s were by films such as "Rocky" and "The Karate Kid". That generation grew up wanting to be a boxer or do karate which opened the door for them to learn new experiences as well as connect with others. If we are able to similarly do that, life could become more enjoyable as horizons will be expanded.

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