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January 9, 2009
By HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Valentines Day, every year it comes, sneaking past the last of the winter cold, and placing its burden on every person’s head. Oh, we call it the “season of love” but a name like “season of the broken heart” may seem more fitting to the bulk of us. We all try to make sure we have a sweet heart in mind to share the 14th of February with and struggle to buy those last few chocolates with a card to express our love and our empty pockets from the holidays of last year. A good half of us end up alone anyways watching the few couples who got together flaunt their so called love.
The phenomenon of bittersweet romance has been transformed over the generations of its celebration. What started as an honoring day for two priests with the name Valentine, Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni, turned into a candy devouring, love injected holiday that overdoses on the colors pink and red. This holiday is not for lovers but shoppers. Even knowing this fact when you don’t get a card or a piece of candy you feel worse then when you ate the leftovers still in your fridge from thanksgiving. I remember struggling to by my love a gift in an over crowded store spending a pretty penny on chocolates, movies, and a blank card so I could write all my own feelings. Staying up all night to find the right words and handing the presents over to him only to get a dull stare as his new girlfriend kissed his cheek. I’m not the only one who thinks of these things as can be seen by friends who plan to spend the holiday together. How often does that go as planned? Most of the times all your other friends find a sweetheart and you’re stuck in the love infested mall alone. And I can’t forget to mention the couples who do spend the day infused with love; these may also be seen as the girl and boy yelling at each other before they break up or the guy who doesn’t know which one of his plethora of girlfriends to spend the day with.
This article goes to all the broken hearts and loners on Valentines Day. I just wanted to tell you all that you should not give up on love but don’t base it on a holiday. Take Valentines Day for yourself, do what ever you love to do the best and chow down on some of those yummy chocolates, maybe call a friend who shares your Valentine Day blues. Forget the flowers, the cherub babies, and the over used heart symbols and remember how to really share love through friendship and an honest smile.

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mkayla said...
on Feb. 13 2009 at 2:03 am
this is so cute. it was very well said, and i really liked the last paragraph about what some love really is.