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January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

I really dislike when people are negative. I may be having a wonderful day, and nothing ruins my mood worse than a negative person. When I'm going somewhere, I like to have my mind set that I am going to have fun. Others however like to think the worst possible; that everything is going to turn out terribly wrong.
My opinion on how to look at things is to have a positive mind set. You shouldn't be expecting the worst, because things may turn out that way. If you beleive in yourself that something will be positive, it will turn out that way. For example, you have a new class in school, and you don't really like the teacher. Instead of going through the entire school year saying that you're going to fail, you should tell yourself that you will try your best and pass.
I was always told thar if you have a negative mind set on things, you're not going to get far in life. You should always aim for the best possible and beleive in yourself that everything will turn out positive.

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Britt_Low14 said...
on Apr. 24 2013 at 11:30 am
Britt_Low14, Weatherly, Pennsylvania
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I accept your thoughts and opinions, although I agree and disagree. I agree that everyone shoud be positive and look on the bright side. That's living life to the fullest. Although, no one is perfect. Some people are different and come from negative lives. But you have to understand that person's point of view. Did a family member they were close with passed?  Are they a foster child?  Were they in a terrible problem? There is always a reason why that person in negative. Its bad but it's hard to erase something quick. Nice post!