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Long Distance

May 2, 2013
By DeadOnArrival SILVER, Visalia, Colorado
DeadOnArrival SILVER, Visalia, Colorado
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I never believed I was beautiful... Ever.... I don't know why I haven't healed but i just don't believe it... I met someone who makes me feel so love sick its annoying. Someone who tells me I'm beautiful and perfect and me... But that's on some days... Other days.... like today he fades.... he ignores me Like I'm nothing... maybe I am but I don't want to lose the feelings I love...... What makes things worse.... It's long distance...What do I do? I don't understand why he's so confusing.... Are all relationships like this? They tell you they love you but then they leave you? Is the distance worth it? Or is this just another disaster to happen?

The author's comments:
Honest opinion :) Tell me your take on relationships :)

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