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A Familiar Ending?

April 10, 2009
By Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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It’s not you it is me. Does that phrase sound way too familiar? Or I just don’t want a relationship at this point in my life. There are many different ways/excuses when it comes to breaking up. Some of the things that the person is saying to you are true. But then again there is a select few that choose to lie when it comes to these situations. I have been through my fair share of break ups and heart breaks. But all they do is make you stronger and smarter for your future relationships. It may suck when you lose the one person who means a lot to you in your life but just take your loss and admit it and help better yourself for future relationships.
But you also have to remember when it comes to a relationship it takes two to make it and it also takes two to break it. In a relationship it is a two way road. It is never one persons fault when it comes to an ending in a relationship. If a person did something to hurt you or betray you ask yourself what did I do to help them make this decision? But most of us as human beings do what comes natural. We get scared and confused and just lash out. We try putting all the blame on one person and it is never one person. I know I am guilty of it myself when it comes to lashing out.
Every relationship ends for a reason. Maybe it is because you’re not the same person you use to be or maybe they are not the same person they used to be. You will never hear the real story when it comes to a break up. The person may have been told a reason but most of us will not reveal the true reason behind it. We will tell people what we want them to know. That is why there is two sides to a story. You may not want to tell the real reason because you are ashamed of what you did. Or maybe you won’t tell the story because you are to hurt by what the other person has done to you.
No matter how bad a relationship ends you should never disrespect the other person. It does you absolutely no good to go around and bad mouth someone. All that does is show how low you are willing to sink to try to make the other person seem like the bad one. Basically what I am trying to get at is we have all heard the different ways of breaking up. But all we really need to do is just keep our heads up and be thankful that we had time to learn from our mistakes.

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