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Who needs him anyways...

March 7, 2012
By JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
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It's not that I should care right? him picking her over me? Although shes a high school drop out teen mom with no respect for him. Me on the other hand still in school still a virgin and never been kissed with a whole lot of respect for him and thinks hes amazing no matter how he looks or how he is. But its all good though, I still believe that he could do better than a girl who asks him to change everything about him, but its okay. It hurts my self esteem a little bit but it'll all be okay. I can get through this, the guy who is perfect for me loves a girl that doesn't even like him, just gotta tell myself that no matter what I do I can never have him... Who needs him anyways.... right?

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I'm just saying, he could do better

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