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Making Sense of Predictions of Loss

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

The most dreadful thing a person can do is to wish to know the future. It ruins life’s surprises and joys and takes away personal triumph. Although we know life must end, it is better to not know when. For sensing that death is near, is a distress that pains the soul like no other. And even trying to prepare the mind to be ready for such a thing is crazy. No matter how much one tries to prepare, in the end when the loss finally happens we lose all strength. Even when a loss comes unexpectedly the empty void is yet again the same. Perhaps one must take in the goodness of the loss and benefit from the good left over from what has now disappeared. To not ride the train of emptiness and despair, but rise above to the celebration of good things past and fill in the deep hole with those feelings. Should we lose ourselves within the loss is the greatest loss within itself. So may we not lose ourselves when others seem to lose life, but remember that they still live on if we believe that they are happy and wish the same for us. My resolution for this is Learn to deal with death by living in the moment.

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