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Standing Up for the Boys. It's Time to Grow Up.

December 24, 2010
By SoulxFinder BRONZE, Cobourg, Other
SoulxFinder BRONZE, Cobourg, Other
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The death of a beautiful woman, is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world. - Edgar Allan Poe

So lately, I've been reading many articles on here in the Love/Relationships section posted by girls who feel the need to complain about boys who go for "the stupid, fake, skinny blondes!".

Where do I even start?!

First of all, you are associating fake girls who are rotten, with a certain image. (ie.skinny, blue eyes, blonde hair)...therefore you are just as bad as the boys who judge girls. After all, you are probably judging girls more than the boys are.

Another point that was made in an article I saw was that guys who choose preppy, skinny, girls - are ruining the self-esteem of the other girls of the world and this is why most females are so unconfident.

Sorry to tell you, but this is a harsh, cold world. Once you grow up, nobody is going to pat you on the back and tell you you're beautiful. And if they do, consider yourself lucky.
People have bigger problems to deal with in 2010, (ALMOST 2011), than your diminishing self-esteem.

While I probably sound cruel and uncaring, I do understand that loving yourself isn't easy. I myself, am a 16-year-old trying to make my way. I guess I'm just frusterated that girls are constantly saying that boys are the problem, or that they're stupid.

The girls who say that most guys only go for the model-like girls, need to stop and think that maybe they do the same thing. How do you know that you haven't rejected or overlooked a guy who loves a person for who they are, and not what they look like? Maybe because they're not on YOUR radar and are not attractive in YOUR eyes.

In the end - if someone is attracted to a type of person that you don't like, that's just too bad. You can't change a person's likes and dislikes. Have you ever thought it a possibility that maybe that blonde-haired, blue-eyed tart actually has another side to her that maybe only that guy can see?

Girls : In truth, those supposedly shallow guys you speak of, may not want you because you're whining and insecure. Would you be attracted to a guy who complains about how most girls want muscular guys? Probably not.

Judging people based on appearance is a natural human instinct. If we still lived like cavemen, then we would choose mates based on smell and looks. If a man saw a woman with large breasts, they'd think "She is more capable of nuturing and feeding our children", or if a cavewoman saw a man with large muscles they'd think "He could defend our tribe/family more effectively, and bring home food."

So you see, this is a natural thing we're born with. We can't just turn it off. Even these days, we need it to survive and to keep us out of danger.

So I guess this time - as a girl who has many boy best friends - I'm standing up for the boys.

It's time to grow up, ladies.

(please take the time to read my extra comment about this piece under the picture)

The author's comments:
I do not mean to offend other girls. I understand that it feels crappy to be brushed aside for someone who is seemingly more attractive than you are, and feeling like you have much more to offer. But it's up to you to let your own colours shine and show people what makes you amazing.

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