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Never Want to Let You Go

December 24, 2010
By farjana GOLD, Tucker, Georgia
farjana GOLD, Tucker, Georgia
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So many questions I have unanswered . are we okay ? are we like we were before ? did you like walking past by me fight in front of my face ? all the times we didn’t talk or walk side by side do you know what I did ? do you care for me when I’m hurt? All the scars left on my arm . all the harm you have done , to you it was really none. – farjana .

Never want to let you go , yet we got far apart , never thought this would happen , however it did and it didn’t last forever. All those times when we did those crimes , the times we touched and hugged , given eachother so much. That time you left me alone to cry and die trying forget , saying I forgot you , when I never did and when you are the one I had loved denying the truth and accepting the detraction when I should deserve your attraction. Trying find my happiness when I knew I had lost you when our love wasn’t even a cost and yet you have no idea of how much I love you .

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i never wanted to let go of him .

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